Who is Cindy Winston

Cindy Winston is an accomplished, and award winning science teacher who has over 28 years of classroom experience. She has taught at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She believes in results oriented leadership, that focuses on student voice, teacher empowerment, and a workplace that values all.

Why I am Running

There is a wedding photo I share with my students on the first day of school.  I am a happy bride at age 23. People would assume that the woman standing next to me in that picture is my mother.  She is not. By the time I married, my own mother had already passed, and my father was remarried and happy to excuse himself from his first family. That incredible woman by my side was my High School History Teacher, Nancy Milligan.  

Like many students in TUSD, I learned at a very young age what tragedy meant. I had to become an adult fast, and often had no one to hear or guide me. But then came along Ms. Milligan. She changed it all. She pushed me to take AP classes, and gave up her weekends to help me study. She made me a Sweet Sixteen birthday cake while my parents were too busy arguing to remember. And when the time came to marry, she stood by my side; a mentor, a friend, and a teacher.  

Now, here I am.  The only TUSD Board Candidate who is also a TUSD Teacher.  The only TUSD Board Candidate who has taught in four states six schools, in grades K-12.   I have 27 years of classroom experience under my belt. But the narrative, and the story of TUSD is with the thousands of teachers like my Ms. Milligan.  The story is with those teachers that arrive at school when it’s still dark out, and leave when it’s time to set the alarm. It’s with the heroes. The story is also with the kids who need the Ms. Milligans.  TUSD kids, our kids, need the absolute best we can provide. So, I am running for TUSD Governing Board to advocate for our heroes that write the story that is TUSD, and to champion for kids who need a Ms. Milligan in their life.  

Simply, this is about making sure we are doing all we can to invest in the people who are invested in our children. Now, when I look at each voter who will cast their vote next November, they need to know that as a Board Member, I will focus on three key areas: Financial Accountability, Improvement to Buildings and Facilities, and  Creating Community Partnerships. It’s about making sure that we prioritize money for the facilities of our schools to guarantee that each campus is worthy of the children who attend. It is also about continued legislative work to ensure that the next governor hears us loud and clear. Schools will have more funding for salaries, buildings, and resources.  Period.  

On November 3rd, I hope that I will be able to put my 28 years of classroom experience to the test to get the results that this district, this community, and our kids need. 




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